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 Amboseli National Park 

Amboseli lies in the shadow of Mt. Kilamonjaro.  Unfortunately, the mountain rarely comes out of the clouds.  Reaching this park required a bumpy, uncomfortable ride, but was worth the trouble.  We saw many mirages (impossible to photograph), as well as hundreds of dustdevils (miniature tornados of dust).  The landscape was very flat, hot and dusty, but beautiful in it's austerity. 

(Click on picture for larger view)


Amboseli dustdevil

Mt. Kilamonjaro peaks out of the clouds

Zebra scratches his back

Warthog down on it's knees

Baboon and it's child

Cheetahs looking for food

Kenyan Masai (local tribesmen)

Sunset aided by all of the dust

Wildebeest scratches an ear (must be all the dust)

Hippo out of the water

Baboon and it's child

Cheetah on the run - they can clock up to 70 mph

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