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Our first stop on our tour required three planes and about 36 hours to reach (Tokyo - Singapore - Johannesburg, S. Africa - Maun, Botswana).  Our guide picked us up at the airport and immediately whisked us on our way to our first campsite and game drive. No rest (nor showers) for the weary travelers.  During the next ten days we visited three major game reserves/national parks, camping in 5 different campsites.  Our campsites were rugged, but did come with bush shower, chemical toilet, and three lovely people to set up camp, prepare meals, heat water for washing...anything we required - definitely camping in style.  Game drives in Botswana are wonderful, and low on the tourist radar, so it felt like we had the parks/reserves all to ourselves! It was here where we watched two cheetah stalk and kill a baby warthog (see Moremi Game Reserve for the play by play).  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Moremi Game Reserve

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