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   Moremi Game Reserve  

Okavanga Delta, Xakanaxa and Khwai Campsites

Our second stop on our African adventure was very good to us.  It was here where we saw two cheetah chase and kill a baby warthog, had a giraffe walk through our campsite, watched a huge herd of elephants drinking at the river, and had hyenas licking at our tents.  The nights were full of elephant trumpets, moaning lions, grunting hippos, and many other sounds that we couldn't name.  Needless to say, we didn't take too many nighttime bathroom breaks. 

(Click on picture for larger view)


Sunrise in can still see the moon above the trees

Zebra in the middle of the road

Purple Sunrise

Crocodile in the Okavanga Delta

Our group takes a boat ride on the delta

The chase is on....the cheetah goes after the baby warthog...

This is about 10 minutes after the actual kill....they have to be quick or another animal might come along and steal it.

Sunset on the Okavanga River

Two young boys watch while their mother looks for their breakfast

A whole herd of elephants comes out for their evening drink

Lion with a beautiful mane...we were only a few feet away!

Lioness licks her lips

Giraffes bathed in early morning sunlight

Wildebeest (otherwise known as the Gnu)

Leopard caught on film as it runs away!

Waterbuck drinks at the delta

Cooling our feet and eating lunch at a watering hole in the delta

...and gets it!

We watched the entire process from about 15 - 20 feet, with barely a glance from the two cheetah.

Sunrise on the Okavanga River

 The boys work up the nerve to cross the crocodile infested river

Baboons with a baby along for the ride


Lion roars...what big teeth he has!


Korin takes a bush shower at the Khwai campsite.  Each person got a bucket of water with a small shower head attached to it.  If you were lucky, you were joined by a group of bees or insects.

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