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   Nxai  and Makgadikgadi Pans  

Our first exposure to Africa and wild animals.  Nxai and Makgadikgadi Pans are desert parks, and therefore not heavily populated with animals.  It is here where we got to know our guide, Kaiser, and our two "helpers" - Philamon and Mileko.  The flat landscape provided beautiful sunrises, and sunsets, as well as our first sighting of elephants, lions, and more. 

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One of our first sunrises - which we saw everyday as we started our game drives around 6am.

Springbok were everywhere we looked

Morning tea break - coffee and tea, fruit and biscuits

The lilac breasted roller was a very photogenic bird, especially in flight, but....

Kris in full safari regalia!

Kris and I relax on a Baobab tree.  As you can see, these trees are famous for their huge trunks and branches.

The ostrich was a difficult subject to photograph - too quick.

Group shot at sunset with another Baobab tree

Our campsite in Nxai Pan (each couple had their own)

Our guide, Kaiser, joins us for a group photo.  Kaiser was the absolute best guide - a good tracker, chef, and a great guy!

Leopard tortoise

Kris and Korin in action

...catching it proved to be nearly impossible.  This was the work of MANY attempts and a total group effort!

Another tea break on a cold morning

Kaiser sets up lunch for us under the shade of another huge Baobab tree (notice how we all help out). 

Our first elephant sighting was amazing....they are so HUGE!

Our first lion was a beautiful male


Our chemical toilet....very private!

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