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  Serengeti National Park  

Serengeti, with a total area of 5,500 square miles, is considered by many to be Africa's premier game park.  The millions of animals that reside within this park, give the tourist a glimpse of the way all of Africa used to be - herds of wild animals extending as far as the eye can see. We saw many lion - including a tree climbing lion, a leopard in a tree, and hundreds of other animals.  Unfortunately the park's popularity brings many tourists....but it is worth it just to experience the vast plains with all of the animals roaming upon it. 

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Serengeti Serena Lodge - our accommodations

Superb Starling

Giraffe and baby Zebra at play

Hippo yawns

Elephant family gathering food

Leopard (honest!) 


Lion with Zebra kill

Lion cub

Sunset in the Serengeti

Thomson's Gazelle

Red-Headed Agama

Giant Giraffe

Zebra family (notice the two young ones)

Elephant family at the waterhole

Spotted Hyena


Waterbuck give each other a scratch

Lion takes a bite out of the hind quarters

Tree climbing lion (can you spot it?)

It took 7 flights, and 48 hours to reach home - three small legs in this little prop plane!

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