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The Outspan, Aberdare Country Club 

& The Ark  

Upon arrival in Nairobi, we were picked up by another guide/driver and brought to the interim portion of our trip.  This part consisted of a few nights at various game lodges to view the beautiful mountainous region around Mt. Kenya, as well as watch game from the comfort of a lodge. 

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Kenyan countryside village

An aspiring photojournalist

The Aberdare Country Club

Peacock at the Aberdare Country Club

The Ark had multiple viewing decks overlooking a waterhole

Buffalo licks his lips at The Ark

Korin celebrates her birthday at The Ark

River walk in the Kenyan countryside

The three girls in The Outspan's garden

The Aberdare Country Club

Group photo at the Aberdare Country Club

Like I said, lazy man's game viewing - but pretty neat nonetheless 

The Ark - I have no idea what this young elephant is trying to do

Sunrise at The Ark - overlooking the waterhole

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