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   Chobe National Park  

Savuti and Chobe River Camps

Our third and final park in Botswana is famous for it's huge herds of animals at various watering holes as well as along the river.  We saw hundreds of elephants, and buffalo, many birds, hippos, and crocodiles, and lots of other animals.  Unfortunately we were only in this park for two days (much of it traveling - one day included 3 flat tires) and did not get to see as much as we would have liked.  To anyone visiting Botswana, this park should not be missed! 

(Click on picture for larger view)


Kris lunches with the elephants

Elephants cooling (and cleaning) themselves

Sunset with elephants at another waterhole

Monitor lizard found along the Chobe River

Warthog (or "Cheetah Biscuit" as we called it)


Kaiser cooks us one of his specialties

Sitting down to dinner

Close-up viewing of the elephants at the waterhole

Spotted Hyena waits patiently for a chance at the waterhole

Watching the sunrise from a cliff of rocks in Savuti

The colorful Carmine Beeeater

Cape Horn Buffalo


Believe me when I say that it was "GOOD"!

We say good-bye to Phil and Mileko

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