2nd Birthday   


Zoe and Gage turned 2 on Sept. 21st, 2005. They celebrated it in Manila, Philippines, doing all of their favorite things. First they went to an indoor play area in the mall, followed by lunch at McDonald's (Zoe likes the hamburger, Gage likes the chicken nuggets, and they both LOVE fries with "petchup"!). After nap they went to another play area that has various rooms like beauty salon, kitchen, doctor's office, garage, etc. And finally, a few days later, they had a party at home with all of their friends. Sesame Street and Elmo were Zoe and Gage's favorite characters at the time (they seem to change constantly), as you can tell by their clothes and their cake! Hope you enjoy the pictures from Zoe and Gage's 2nd Birthday!

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Gage swings on on railing in mall


Gage at Goodwill play area


Gage takes a rest with Mom

Everybody rocking the boat

Gage blows a kiss

"Princess Gage"

Cooking in the kitchen

Jessie brings out the Elmo cake!

Check out Braxton's blue lips

Trying to feed Zoe and Gage cake


Friend Eden swings too!


Zoe at Goodwill play area


 Zoe is very ticklish

B-day lunch at McDonald's


"Harley Gage"

 Zoe and Gage

Unfortunately the blue icing stained everything!

.....and Josh's blue fingers!

They preferred to "blow bubbles!"