Months 4 thru 6 

During these months things got a bit more interesting.  Zoe and Gage discovered each other, as well as their hands, feet, and anything else within grabbing distance.  They also learned to roll over, eat solid foods, and sit up on their own.  Won't be long till they are moving and really keeping us on our toes.  Many things have been lifesavers in entertaining the kids these months, here are our favorites: the "Baby Einstein" play gym, "Baby Einstein" videos, the "Exersaucer", and the "Bumper Jumper".

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1.13.04 - Gage in snowsuit

1.20.04 - Gage plays with toys


2.8.04 - Gage starts on "real" food

2.19.04 - Gage and Zoe have a conversation

3.2.04 - Gage after a bath

2.28.04 - G & G Ahlman with the twins

3.10.04 - Zoe sits alone for the first time

3.19.04 - ready for a walk outside

3.23.04 - Gage jumps in his favorite new toy


1.13.04 - Zoe in snowsuit

1.24.04 - Zoe and Gage play together


2.11.04 - Zoe feeds herself

.....and it continues

3.2.04 - Zoe after a bath

3.8.04 - Gage sits alone for the first time

3.10.04 - Gage and Zoe playing together

3.19.04 - Gage flashes one of his "famous" smiles

....Zoe loves it too!