Months 19 thru 21 

(Move to the Philippines)

On April 16th, 2005, we moved the family to Manila in the Philippines along with our good friends the Bjornsons.  Weren't sure exactly what to expect, but I had no idea what an active life the kids and I were about to begin! We decided to live in a serviced apartment in downtown Makati (5 minutes from Kris' office).  Between the playground in our apartment building (Oakwood) and the attached mall (Glorietta), the kids have four play areas to visit without the need to drive.  We have also joined a large playgroup which meets twice a week, begun swimming lessons, and have made a ton of friends.  As you can tell by their HUGE smiles, Zoe and Gage seem to be enjoying their time in the Philippines:)

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4.16.05 - Gage ready for takeoff


4.16.05 - Zoe sleeps upside down in chair!


4.18.05 - Gage, Zoe and Braxton Bjornson

4.20.05 - Zoe plays at Glorietta mall playground

4.21.05 - Riding the cars at the Mega Mall

5.9.05 - Zoe looks just like her doll!

5.24.05 - Playgroup

5.25.05 - Gage looking "cool" in his sunglasses

5.26.05 - Gage and mom at swim lessons

6.8.05 - Zoe

6.8.05 - Gage on slide at Glorietta

6.8.05 - Jessie (the nanny) plays with Zoe and Gage

6.8.05 - Zoe and Gage watch a video with Jessie


4.16.05 - Zoe ready for takeoff


4.17.05 - waiting for second flight (nice hair, Zoe!)


4.18.05 - Apartment complex has small playground

4.20.05 - Gage at Glorietta mall playground

4.25.05 - Gage and Zoe at Glorietta again!

5.24.05 - Gage gives Zoe a kiss

5.24.05 - Playgroup cont.

5.25.05 - Zoe looking "cool" in her sunglasses

5.26.05 - Zoe and mom at swim lessons

6.8.05 - Gage

6.8.05 - Zoe waves to us from slide at Glorietta

6.8.05 - playing with sunglasses

6.8.05 - Gage decides to sleep with Zoe:)