Months 9 thru 12 

We made the big move to the suburbs (Elmhurst, IL) when the twins were 9 months old.  Hated leaving the city, but the walk to the 3rd floor condo was getting a bit tough.  With the new house came lots of space.  The kids got a playroom, a yard, and a park just down the street.  They seem to enjoy it all, and love being able to spread their toys as far and wide as they can:)

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6.29.04 - First time in their new yard


7.1.04 - playing with the "Exersaucer"


7.10.04 - hours of entertainment

7.29.04 - watching "Baby Einstein"

8.12.04 - Gage

8.23.04 - Gage loves the park

8.23.04 - trying to "catch" the water at the sprinkle park

9.19.04 - Gage impressed by his b-day cake


9.19.04 - Zoe

9.19.04 - Z and G getting into everything


7.1.04 - Z and G love to jump in their cribs


6.29.04 - Gage's favorite position


7.27.04 - Z and G's "swimming pool"

8.12.04 - Zoe

8.12.04 - Zoe

8.23.04 - Gage rides the duck

8.23.04 - Zoe rides the duck

9.19.04 - at least Zoe enjoyed it


9.19.04 - Zoe says she is "SO BIG"

9.20.04 - Z and G can't be bothered to use their hands