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The Osburn-Renn Wedding Weekend 

In June, Kris and I went home to Chicago to attend the Osburn-Renn wedding reception.  They had an intimate ceremony with just family on Friday, June 7th, and then had a big reception the next night at Cafe Spiaggia.  While Aaron and Michelle were getting married on Friday, our friends, the Hubs, hosted a BBQ at their house.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  Enjoy!

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A backyard BBQ.....a concept that is difficult to achieve in Japan! 

The groom, Aaron, at the reception surrounded by friends. 

Michelle and friends..... he is....the bride and groom look so happy, don't they?

Kris, Chris, and Ray at the reception.

After the reception the wedding party moved to "The Bar" at the Peninsula.  I don't think we were having any fun at this point!

This BBQ lasted through till the next day....until we had to get ready for the main event! 

The bride, Michelle, took a few seconds to pose with me and her best friend Christine.

and more friends....where's Aaron?

And here we have the romantic shot....or maybe this is Michelle telling Aaron some wifely advice!

Dana and Leanne....what can I say about this shot!

My favorite shot of the happy couple.  This was taken at the Peninsula as they bid us a final good-night.    

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