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   Boracay, Philippines 

From the moment we arrived in the Philippines, people recommended a trip to this small, but beautiful island only an hour flight away.  We were not disappointed.  We rented a house right on the most amazing white sand beach that I have ever seen.  The beach, named White Beach, stretches for 5 miles with sand SO fine it is like sugar, and continues for hundreds of meters into the ocean. And the water was equally stunning with its myriad shades of blue.

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Banca boat on beach in front of our house

Gage and Zoe pose with Mom on our beach

Jessie (the nanny) and Zoe play in the water

Mode of transportation on the island

This monkey lived behind our house!

Zoe and Mom

Zoe, Gage and Braxton Bjornson play on the beach

Another view from our front porch

Our beach when the rains came:(

d'mall d'boracay - shopping area

Naughty Monkey!

Gage and Dad

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