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Corregidor, or "The Rock," as it is called by thousands of war veterans, is the scene of some of the most grueling and bloody battles ever fought by combined American and Filipino troops against the Japanese. Following the Japanese declaration of war on the U.S., Corregidor was the last stronghold of the American and Filipino forces under General McArthur, witnessing some the worst Japanese bombings and atrocities.  On this island roughly the size of Manhattan, the malaria plagued troops defended against a much larger Japanese force. On April 9, 1942, McArthur and many of the officers were ordered to evacuate to Australia.  He left vowing that "he would return". The 12,000 strong remnant of the army held out for another month, ultimately surrendering on May 6, 1942. 

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McArthur's Last Goodbye

close up of the guns

another mile-long barracks for enlisted men

Monument to the US soldiers

Gun battery

mile-long barracks for enlisted men

Pacific War Memorial for US soldiers

Close-up of eternal flame monument

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