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Manila, home to some 12 million people, is actually broken up into several different "cities".  Haven't quite worked it all out, but in a matter of minutes you can have traveled through several of them:)  We live in the large, prosperous, growing city of Makati.  The area is like any other large city - tall skyscrapers, shopping malls, Starbuck's on every corner, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc.  Nearly everyone speaks English, so it is easy to forget that you are  FAR from HOME.  But then you realize that you may be speaking the same language, but not understanding each other.....we call these "Manila Moments," and there are a lot of them! Some funny, many frustrating. All in all, we are enjoying our time here in this extremely diverse city.  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures, and maybe they will entice you to come and visit.

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Public mode of transportation - the Jeepney

Gage and our driver, Willy, inside the Jeepney

American Cemetery and Memorial in Makati

Buried here are 17,000 soldiers who died in the Philippines ....

Coconut Palace, guest house for the Marcos' (the shoe lady)

Zoe picks flowers at Sonya's Garden, a B & B outside of Manila

Barb Burkhardt in Sonya's Garden

Bjornsons and Burkhardts take a ride in a Jeepney

The Peninsula in Makati

Largest American burial ground outside the U.S.

...and surrounding Pacific during World War II

Coconut Palace

Zoe, Gage and Braxton Bjornson at Sonya's Garden

Sonya's Garden

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