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   Adventures in Asia  

Part II, The Philippines

In March of 2005, Kris called me up asking how I felt about another tour in Asia!  This time it would be a "year" in the Philippines. Manila to be exact.  And we would get to travel with our good friends the Bjornsons. Being the adventurous spirit that I am, of course I said "sure!" And a month later, there we were.  This time we traveled/moved with 1 and 1/2 year old twins, a little different, but so is Manila:)  In Manila (Makati to be exact) the dollar goes VERY far, unlike our time in Tokyo.  So once again, we have taken advantage of our chance at amazing, exotic travel, and have documented it here for everyone to view.  Hope you enjoy!

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Puerto Galera



Pagsanjan Falls

El Nido


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