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    El Nido, Palawan    Lagen Island Resort


12.2.05 - 12.5.05

A short plane ride, and 45 minute boat ride, brings you to this beautiful island made of rock.  The resort is located in a small lagoon cut out of the rock, nearly hidden from view until you are right upon it.  The area is known for its beautiful views, and great diving.  We were accompanied on this adventure by Grandpa and Grandma Burkhardt, and The Vance Family (some British friends of ours!).  Despite a serious lack of dry, sunny weather (it rained most of the four days), we all enjoyed ourselves.  Enjoy the pictures!

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Lagen Island Resort, small lagoon surrounded by large cliffs

View from cottage at sunrise

Grandma and Zoe on walk in the rain

Resort pool and surrounding cliffs

Peter, Josh, and Katie Vance on Josh's 2nd B-day

Mom, Zoe and Gage

Gage and Zoe playing in puddles

Zoe and Grandpa

Grandma and Dad play on beach with Zoe and Gage

Zoe at pool

Water cottages at Lagen Island Resort

Gage playing "pool" cute!

Zoe on pier into lagoon

Josh, Zoe and Gage watching a video during more rain

Zoe splashing

Gage and Zoe jump in with their clothes on!


Zoe and Gage on beach

Gage at pool

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