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   Puerto Galera   


9.30.05 - 10.3.05

A two and a half hour drive south, and an hour boat ride from Manila, finds you on this beautiful set of islands in the Philippines.  We took this adventure with three other families!  Here are some photos from this fun weekend.

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Braxton Bjornson and Zoe on boat ride to Puerto Galera

Our banca boat docked at resort pier

View of pool and our cottage at resort

Entertaining the troops during the rain

Zoe, Gage and Sam Dorrell swim in pool

Zoe and Gage

Banca boat on beach in Puerto Galera


Resort pier at sunset

Gage and Dad on boat ride to Puerto Galera

Buri Resort in Puerto Galera

Gage plays peek-a-boo

Zoe and Mom

Gage and Dad play with a hose that they found

Gage and Dad

Hanging out on the beach

Sam jumps off the banca boat

Sunset view from the pier

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