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Burkhardts in Beautiful Bali
September 21 - 30, 2001


(click on pictures for larger view)

Our first day in Bali, and what do we do....take a tour!    Here we happily pose in front of a volcano in northeastern Bali.  

The countryside is covered with rice fields and rice terraces.  They make for some beautiful scenery.

Now this is my kind of vacation .... our resort was beautiful, with natural pools, waterslides, and cool drinks on command.   Here Gary enjoys the waterslide!

...more of the resort grounds....

The ocean is that deeper blue in the background, but unfortunately the beaches were not safe for swimming.  


The very photogenic temple of Tanah Lot.  Located a short distance from the shore of the Meridien.

Our second hotel was located in Ubud, central Bali in the mountains.  Here the lovely Pita Maha staff welcome us.  

The hotel had a very cool pool.  It appears to drop off the side of the mountain.  


Our pool at the villa....

Kris enjoys a drink in the pool.

Everybody rides mopeds/motorcycles in Bali.  Here they are lined up on the main street of Ubud.


Melissa and Kris at Ubud Palace.


Ubud market place.  The Balinese women truly carry everything on their heads.  


Farmer plows his rice field.

I didn't actually witness this, but Gary and Barb had a driver take them to some cockfights.  Apparently the roosters are wearing knives on their claws.  Yikes!

Our guide takes us to a very old Hindu temple.  Supposedly there are one million temples in Bali, 1 for every 20 people.  

One of the farmers pose for me.  The Balinese were always happy  to have their picture taken.  

This was a familiar pose for Kris and I.  We would park ourselves on some comfortable chairs and alternate between reading and swimming.  Two of my favorite pasttimes! was easy to find a corner all to yourself....

We didn't seem to mind too much....since there was water everywhere we looked.  


Le Meridien at sunset.  A spectacular event nearly every evening while we were visiting.

View from the terrace in the evening.  The hotel was located high above a river with beautiful scenery all around.

We all shared a two room villa with our own pool.  Here Barb and Gary are enjoying the terrace.


In this pool  I could read and swim at the same time! Heaven!

Gary and Barb cooling off in the pool.

Here I pose at the palace of Ubud.  The entire grounds consist of elaborate doorways, and open air buildings. Very beautiful.


Barb and Gary at Ubud Palace.


More of the market place.  Kris waits patiently for us to make our purchases!


More of the countryside.

The locals invited Gary to do a little gambling....I'm sure it was a purely friendly gesture and had nothing to do with the dollars in his pocket!