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Markets, Shrines, Canals and Thai Boxing!

April 27-30 2001

Accompanied by the Hubs & Bjornsons

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The Perrines (friends living in Bangkok) were nice enough to show us around on our first day.  Here we all take a break from the heat outside and enjoy a nice (Americanized) lunch.

Anyone want a rooster.  The guys were in search of the "cockfights" that they had read about in the guidebooks.  We didn't find any fighting roosters, but we saw many for sale!

Dana poses in front of her hotel (the white building in the background) and the Erawan shrine ( just in front of the hotel).  

To those visiting Bangkok, I recommend a visit to the Grand Palace.  .  

Grand Palace....

Murals run along the side of this building in the Grand Palace.

Wat Pho (oldest and largest temple in Bangkok), contains the largest reclining Buddha....

We rented a longboat for an hour and cruised the canals of Bangkok (grooving to the beat of VERY LOUD house music!).  

The houses have to be built on stilts to allow for the rise of the river.

Thai boxing is pretty brutal.  It seemed to consist of a lot of kicks to the groin and punches to the head!  Everyone in the arena seemed to have money on every minute of the match.  Very educational.

Bangkok has many markets, and  bargaining quickly becomes a way of life.  Here ladies are selling some sort of fruit at the Chatuchak weekend market.

The temperature in Bangkok was hovering around 105 degrees F. (not to mention the humidity).  Inside of the market tents, it was even worse.  Guess that explains the look on my face!

The shrine has many worshipers, musicians and as you see here, dancers.

The array of colors, and use of jewels and tiles, gold, etc. are astonishing.

Grand Palace...

Grand Palace...

.....and the largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand       quite a sight to see.          

The housing along the canals was a bit "interesting".  Not exactly what we are used to in the states.

Of course, we had to go to a real Thai boxing match!  Here the boxer from the main event poses for us.


Chris was getting a bit roudy, so they sent over a guard to watch him!