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Christmas and New Year's 

Maldivian Style

December 22, 2001 through January 1, 2002

(click on pictures for larger view)

The view from the beach outside our room.  The sand was very soft, and the water was a million shades of blue.

The resort "huts" on the water.

Stingrays were very prevalent along the dock.

Stingrays fighting over food. 

Can you say "American tourist"?  Doesn't Kris look the part?  


We only took the camera on one dive, so very few pictures to show. 

Here an eel peaks its head out of the coral.  He doesn't look too happy does he? 

A crane was hanging out on the beach one day.  Was very accommodating to picture takers.

More of the resort, and "huts". 

Probably because they are fed everyday at 5:30pm.

Nighttime falls on the island.

My favorite position.  Reading in the hammock.  


Although we saw manta rays, shark, and a zillion other big fish, they don't tend to pose for the pictures.

Lobster for dinner anyone?  This is what they look like underwater.