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  Beijing &

The Great Wall of China

March 20 - 24, 2003  

Kris and I have always wanted to visit Beijing, and as it is in such close proximity to Tokyo (3 hours), we knew it had to be one of our Asian Adventures.  We lucked out and were accompanied by our Chinese speaking friend Paul and our Kanji reading friend Haruka.  Beijing turned out to be a beautiful, prosperous city, while still maintaining the old world charm.  This city is definitely one to watch in the future.  We both loved our trip, and suggest that all should add it to their travel list. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo journal.

(Click on picture for larger view)


We began our tour at Tiananmen Square. The world's largest public square and scene of the deadly student demonstration in 1989.

Outer courtyard of the Forbidden City

Interior of one of the Forbidden city temples

Forbidden city courtyard

Temple of Heaven - considered best example of Ming architecture

Summer Palace - playground for the imperial court

Long Corridor in the Summer Palace

The Great Wall of China

Beijing street lined with food vendors

or how about scorpion or silkworm kabobs?

We enjoyed many fabulous meals, especially with Paul as our interpreter.  Here we enjoy "Hot Pot".  You cook the meat in the vegetable soup, and then dip it in a spicy sauce.

Entrance gate to the Forbidden City.  It was from here, in 1949, that Mao stood overlooking the square and proclaimed the People's Republic

Inside the Forbidden City

The Forbidden city is HUGE, covering 720,000 sq. ft. with 800 buildings

Imperial Garden in the Forbidden City

The Emperor came here to pray and make sacrifices for good harvests

Summer Palace

Gate at the Summer Palace

The Great Wall of China

Anyone want a squid kabob?

Maybe you prefer seahorses or grasshoppers?

In Beijing the toilets are rated!


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