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Sailing Away in the South Pacific Tahiti, Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora, Huahine

May 2000

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Micada.  Our home for 10 days, as we sailed to four islands in French Polynesia.

On Tahaa, we spent a fun evening swimming with the native children.    

Coral patrol.  Bora Bora had very narrow channels for navigation.  Here we try to steer the boat away from shallow spots!

Here is a good example of the color of the water found on Bora Bora.  I have not messed with the colors!

Kris takes a nap after a long day of ....... resting? Notice the beer lying next to him.  The culprit?

The entire gang sitting down to dinner in the galley.  Sara and Jim Perrine (the Captains), Todd and Mary Castilow (the Skippers), and then Kris and I (the Swabbees).

Every evening we lathered up on the back of the boat!  Limited fresh water supply, means limited showers!

No sailing trip would be complete without a storm (so I am told).  Here we are trying to navigate and stay dry! Only people with iron stomachs can spend any time below on this day.

Of course the girls had to do all of the work!  Here we are bringing in the sail.

Sunset over Bora Bora island.  We were anchored at Tahaa island.

Bora Bora was absolutely beautiful.  A lagoon of multi color blue water encompasses the entire island.  We could have stayed here forever.

Here is what the famous Bora Bora Yacht club looks like.  Not quite what we expected! 

Kris and Todd were our grill specialists. We ate quite well on the boat....especially when it wasn't my night to cook!

As we entered the lagoon of Huahine island, we were surrounded by dolphins.  What an amazing experience to have dolphins running with your boat.

Most evenings we were treated to spectacular sunsets.  Here we were anchored at Huahine island.

After the storm we were treated to some great rainbows...eventually this turns into a double rainbow.

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