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Shrines and Temples

(Click on pictures for larger view)

A little walk through Kamakura brings you to this view of the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu (shrine).  Famous for its huge grounds - including very large Ginko trees. 


Upon entering most temples and shrines, you will find a trough of water.  You are to cleanse your hands...and some take a drink from this.  It is meant to cleanse your body before entering the sacred grounds.

The deity represented is Amida, Buddha of the Western Paradise.

Rickshaw drivers are only found in tourist spots!

The steps leading up to the main shrine.  If you look closely you will see Kris on the bottom of the steps. He had to take a break!


Kotoku-in Daibutsu (The Great Buddha of Kotoku Temple) is 11.31 meters tall (excluding the base) and over 750 years old.  There are 656 curls of hair on his head!      

These girls wanted to have their pictures taken with me!     

What flavor ice cream do you want?  Green tea, sweet potato, or both of them swirled together!  Kris claims that it was GOOD.

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