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Ko Phi Phi
Paradise Found-By Land

May 2001

Accompanied by the Bjornsons

(click on pictures for larger view)

Paradise proved to be difficult to after multiple trials and tribulations, we finally arrived and were greeted by a beautiful bay, and beautiful woman handing out cocktails.

We stayed in these great huts located only 50 feet from the ocean. The decks allowed for some great views.

The beach went on forever....and the sand felt like velvet.

Long boats were the transportation of choice due to the very shallow waters.  They are also very picturesque!

Kris and Chris with Lek, our friendly bartender.  Everyone was sooooo nice.  You can't ask for a friendlier country.

Our bay at lowtide.  You could find many interesting creatures in the sand during this time.  Watch out for sea urchins (right, Kris!). 

We stayed at the Phi Phi Island Village resort on the far side of the island.  The goal was beauty, serenity, relaxation and lots and lots of diving.....and we found all of them.

Have you ever seen a tree dispensing water?  This was our view from the porch.

Low tide extended the beach even further! 

The water was always a zillion colors of blue and green.  Too many to capture in a picture...but we tried.

Kris and I relaxing at the Coconut Pub after a long, hard      day of diving!  

Ton Sai Bay.  This is the arrival and departure location for the island.  Very beautiful, but very crowded.  We stayed on the opposite side of the island to avoid all the people!

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