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Ko Phi Phi
Paradise Found-By Sea

May 2001

Accompanied by the Bjornsons

(click on pictures for larger view)

Got myself a new digital camera with an underwater housing ....and it ROCKS!  I loved taking pictures of the underwater world.

The islands and coves surrounding  Ko Phi Phi are covered in rock formations/cliffs and provided unending dive sights.  

These clown fish weren't very cooperative, but fun to watch.

This eel came out to say hello and have his picture taken.

We saw a lot of lionfish everyday.  Unfortunately they always camouflaged themselves in similar surroundings.

We decided to become advanced divers which  involved a wreck dive, a night dive and many others.  Here, our instructor points the way on the wreck. Only 24 meters (about 80') here! 

Kris says everything is "OK".

Chris and Leanne getting a little closer.

Kris and I haven't been diving that long, but we have never seen such aquatic life.  So many species that we have never seen ... and so many colors.

 And every one had amazing coral reefs. We went a little crazy with the pictures. 

The fish loved to play in all the coral. 

Kris actually touched a porcupine fish just like this one.  

Another lionfish, this time all of his "wings" were spread out.  Lionfish are not a fish you ever want to mess with. 

Chris Bjornson coming out from inside of the wreck.  You have to avoid hitting any of the barnacles on the bars ....they are really sharp and dangerous.  

Melissa floats around a coral reef, watching the aquatic life.

Leanne hanging loose at the wreck.

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