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The Burkhardt's Adventures in Asia

(by Melissa)

Konnichiwa.  Welcome to our photo journal of our "Adventures in Asia". How did these adventures come about, you ask?  Sometime towards the end of 1999, Accenture asked Kris if he would be interested in relocating to Tokyo for a few years.  As we love travel and new adventures, we decided to jump at this opportunity, moving to Tokyo in January 2000.  We were meant to stay for 2-3 years, and somehow ended up adding on a bit more. During this time, we took advantage of our location and traveled in Asia as much as we could. We invite you to pick a vacation and enjoy some of the beautiful sights. 

Thanks for visiting the site.  Kris and Melissa

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Traveling Throughout Asia

February 2000 - April 2003

(click on pictures for larger view)

Beijing & The Great Wall of China

Kris flexes his muscles on the Great Wall

  Christmas - Maldivian Style 

Far, far different from Wisconsin Christmas!

Burkhardts in Beautiful Bali

Sunset on the coast of Bali - need I say more?

 Hong Kong - Sampling it's Diversity  

All lit up, all the time

One Night in Bangkok (Ok, several)

Grand Palace is well worth the trip

Relaxing on Ko Phi Phi (Thailand)

By Land

Waterfront view of our resort paradise

And By Sea

Southeast Asia's aquatic life is spectacular!

Sailing Away in the South Pacific

Aerial view of the islands we visited while sailing in French Polynesia

Guam - Japan's Tropical Paradise

Sunset on Tumon Bay, taken from our balcony!

   Japanese Experiences 

February 2000 - April 2003

(click on pictures for larger view)


Tokyo's Fascinations  

Tokyo station during rush hour!

Hiroshima and Miyajima 

One of the wonders of Japan

Kamakura & it's Shrines and Temples

This Buddha is over 750 years old!

Kyoto - Home of the Geisha

Geisha on their way to work

Fushimi-Inari & Nara 

The endless torii (gates) of Fushimi temple

An afternoon in Yokohama

A little octopus for lunch? 

A Weekend in Nikko

A (wet) winter wonderland ......

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