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An afternoon in Yokohama
On the waterfront and in Chinatown

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Yokohama is famous for it's authentic Chinatown - second only to San Francisco, supposedly.  Each street is filled with restaurants, vendors, etc.



Kris calls these "Chinese hamburgers".  Not sure what the real name is, but they are dumplings filled with various things. Kris likes the ones filled with "sloppy joe" meat. 


Dottie and Steve on the Yokohama waterfront.  Behind them is the tallest building in Yokohama.  Remember the earthquakes!


My Mom and I hang out in Chinatown.  Raining, again!

At this Takoyaki vendor you know the meat is fresh!  Takoyaki is dough filled with octopus pieces, onions, and spices.  It is cooked on a griddle shaped in balls.  Very good with mayonnaise/mustard sauce!

Along the Yokohama waterfront there is an amusement park.


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