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  Trip 'Round The World  

In June, Kris planned to attend training in Chicago, and then found out that he needed to go to London for work during the following week.  Me being the sport that I am....Ha! Ha!....decided to tag along on this adventure.  As long as we were going around the world, we figured we should make it worth our while, so we added a few side trips to the agenda.  On the way to Chicago, I  visited my brother, Michael,  in Breckenridge, Colorado, and while in Chicago, I took a day trip to Wisconsin to visit family and friends. After Kris finished training, we went to Mackinac Island where his parents were attending a banking conference at the Grand Hotel.  Finally, we went to London, where Kris worked and I played for a full week in this beautiful city.   Below find a picture montage from this wonderful (but exhausting) trip 'round the world.  Enjoy!

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My trip to Breckenridge started off with 6 inches of snow.  Needless to say I was not prepared!

The view from the movie theater parking lot!  Not bad!  Michael and Kate (his girlfriend) pose for a picture.

Michael and Daisy with the beautiful rocky mountains behind them.

Onto Chicago where we spent a lot of time with friends....and maybe a little time at a beer garden. 

We had some great dinners and got together with even more friends.  Here the Palumbos pose with us.

Of course, we had to hit one steak joint while in Chicago.  Here we all have dinner at Morton's.

Next up was Mackinac Island which is located in Upper Michigan.  It is a very quaint island, no vehicles allowed.  You reach this island by ferry (or by plane if you are really late, like us!).

Here we are on main street.  The big white building on the left is where Kris and I stayed - very convenient. 


Of course, there was a big, fancy todoo at the Grand, so here we are on the terrace.

The Grand terrace....does it ever end?

Finally we arrive at our final destination.  London.  This picture was taken in Covent Garden.  Go there if you want to see lots of people and lots of street performers!


Of course, a visit isn't complete without a picture of Big Ben.

Don't they look silly?  Jit took us clubbing at Cafe de Paris one evening, and it was quite illuminating!


Oh, and did I mention that I went to Wimbledon!  Quite an experience...and totally by accident.  I joined a line and the next thing I knew, I was in! 

Michael lives with 3 other guys and four dogs in this beautiful house on top of the foothills in Breckenridge.

Of course, had to have a picture of Michael and I.  The weather cleared up quite fast, isn't it beautiful?

Michael and I took a side trip to Conifer, CO to visit our good friends Susie and Roy.

But who can blame us.  We miss being outdoors, as the summers are TOO HOT in Japan. 

Somehow, someone convinced us that we needed to play Softball...but at least it was a beautiful day.

My trip to Appleton took me to dinner at the Frick residence.  Nothing like a home cooked meal. 

The most famous (and ridiculously expensive) hotel is the Grand.  Mackinac Island is all about stepping back in time.  Mind you, it is pronounced Mack-in-naw island should you ever wish to visit.

There are three methods of transportation on Mackinac: by foot, by bicycle, or by horse drawn taxi.


Don't Kris' parents look great.  Barb and Gary sure do know how to clean up nice!

We joined Michelle and Doug for a lovely dinner.

I spent a lot of time walking around...and took lots of pictures of Parliament.  Here is just one of the many (aren't you lucky!).   


or Westminster Abbey.  Which by the way is impossible to photograph.  Here I give it my best shot.

Jit takes us for late night food London style...the Doner Kabob.  I think Paul (far left) wasn't ready for this picture!

The weather was fantastic.  I sat right on the side of the court and met some great people.  Unfortunately it was only the first round....but I did see Sampras walk right by me! 






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